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Outcast Paranormal Society - Florida (OPS-FL) is an organization dedicated to the research and study of the paranormal, while combining our love and passion for the preservation of History. Our combined interests and backgrounds make for a dedicated and open minded team willing to give their time and efforts to investigate a location.
Our interest in the paranormal is rooted from our own personal experiences with unexplained events and our untiring quest to find the answers. We look at each experience objectively and try to find logical answers before we assume it is paranormal. Therefore, offering our clients peace of mind, if an experience is not paranormal in nature.
We do not charge for conducting investigations. We do what we do because we are sincere in our desire to study the paranormal. We offer our clients complete anonymity and privacy when desired, and bring them our findings and opinions upon completion.
We believe that there is no such thing as an “expert” in the field of paranormal research despite what some claim. There are those with more experience in the field than others. Yet until someone can prove, without a shadow of doubt, the claims they make, they are NOT an “expert”, but merely one more person looking for answers. And so, our quest will continue until there is no doubt.

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